4 Important Social Media Marketing platforms for you: Digital Marketing

Social Media is one of the most influential platforms for marketing your business and growing your social presence and network in 2022. People constantly research the internet for what they need before deciding what to purchase and where. With marketing on social media, you are guaranteed to increase traffic to your business platforms and up your sales.

Here at DigiFrontly, we will help you overcome all the challenges related to digital marketing. We will provide you with some of the most efficient and cost effective means to increase your presence online.

Social Media in 2022, with its new trends, transforms businesses better than the traditional way. Digital marketing is the way to go if you want to stay in the market for an extended period with your business. Social media marketing is essential to your business’s success and growth.

Social Media Marketing

2022 has seen a rise in the number of people using social media daily to search and follow on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Search, and TikTok. Social media opportunities are becoming immeasurable to your business and unlimited. Clear digital marketing strategies will ensure you run a profitable and relevant business for the public.

Top Social Media Platforms for digital marketing

 The best social media marketing platforms for your business are:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter


All groups use Facebook to search for jobs near them and communicate with their friends and families. Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with multiple online presences of local companies and businesses, which helps one build and grow their relationship with customers and prospects.

It also serves as a customer service platform where one can share comments, inquire about one’s business, and even proceed to purchase via Facebook. Facebook is another crucial aspect of your business as it announces your work hours and updates any changes, events, and location of your physical address. You can get to hold discussions and live streams that can give you direct feedback from your customers.


YouTube is famous for its video sharing, watching, commenting, and uploading videos with its billion users. YouTube’s influence is tremendous for a business as it easily accessible, affordable, and has a massive impact.

Everybody prefers the easiest way to learn something and YouTube gives them this, a summarized video and also a detailed and lengthy one for research, education and entertainment. You should consider YouTube social media marketing as one of your marketing platforms.

You can engage YouTube potential customers with your ads that run before the YouTube videos and while watching to show your brand and give some entertainment. Videos are shareable content that will grow with your network and reaching other potential client.


Instagram lets you showcase your best products and services through photos and videos. Its broad influence and popularity with its various groups and diverse interests assures you an opportunity to gain more customers.

Creating unique and eye-catching content promotes your products, brand, or services. The Instagram Business profile will allow you to gain valuable insights into your marketing strategies, giving you analytics of statistics of impressions and engagement data on your page.

Tips for using your Instagram to grow your business

  • Ensure you post quality posts
  • Keep up with the new updates and trends
  • Follow high-performing posts and Engage with the posts
  • Tell stories with your products  
  • Post regularly
  • Interact with your audience via the comments sections and answering Direct messages


We all know the power of Twitter; this is the social media that you cannot afford to ignore. It is a platform for discussion, entertainment, business updates, and reviews. It is populated by everyone, from professionals, organizations, journalists, and your favorite news anchors. It has almost everyone you know;

Digital marketing is crucial in this platform to propel your business and expand your network. You can search for essential topics using hashtags. Your brand can use Twitter to engage its users and followers, increasing your company’s visibility to potential customers, promoting products, boosting conversions, building your business communities, and increasing consumer trust.

You can retweet content in seconds, offer immediate customer services, and talk with your new audience. With Twitter, you get to monitor your competitor’s strategy closely. Twitter Ads are important as it gives you more exposure to the target audiences feeds.

For these and many more, Talk to us to improve your brand and business’ digital marketing experience.

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